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Welcome to the Entertainment Center!
Join the game for the first time! Easy!

Employees Only!
(ITEMS NEEDED: KEYCARD) Find the keycard located in the blue bathroom and go to the locked blue employees only door.

Secret From Above!
Climb the pink and yellow ladder leaning on the toy jungle entrance and look up to the ceiling. There are hanging black wires coming out of the vent and a prompt that allows you to enter the vent.

Clownkat Circle
In the funhouse, find the slightly transparent and small clown hello kitty behind the tall mirrors.

Captain's Gift
(ITEMS NEEDED: KEYCARD, CAPTAIN'S GIFT) Talk to Captain in the Bunkrooms in the Employees Only upstairs. Ask him "What's That?" to receive a gift you must deliver to Dust Bunny downstairs. Hold out the gift to activate a special prompt with him.

? ? ?
(ITEMS NEEDED: KEYCARD, CODE) Locate the 5 papers with labeled numbers around the map. You should enter the numbers written in blue and they should be in the order of the numbers written in red. This should give you 28149. Once you have this, go up to the large doors labeled "Higher Ups Only", which should have a grey keypad next to it. Enter the code. The door will unlock.

ΞΎ (Badge of Dishonor)
In the Lounge area, there is a slightly discolored wall near the couches and TVs with black shadow hands pouring over it. It has no collision, so jump through it to obtain ... knowledge.

Imomushi San's Meal
(ITEMS NEEDED: MEATSLAB) Purchase a meatslab from Pancake Dust Bunny at the cafeteria. Then, head to the funhouse and hold out the meatslab over Imomushi-san (giant caterpillar)'s red bowl. The new prompt will activate.

The Undead, Sealed Away...
(ITEMS NEEDED: KEYCARD, RUSTY KEY) Go to the Laboratory in the Employee's Only upstairs. Search for a Rusty Key. (Located on one of the computer desks.) Go up to the DO NOT ENTER door and use the key.

The Lost Fairy ... Found!
Go into the vents. Search for the stray fairy located near a vent fan. Use the prompt to grab it, then go back down to the Fairy Garden and speak with Bianca.

A Not So Empty Threat
(ITEMS NEEDED: KEYCARD, KNIFE) Go to the Employee's Only area upstairs. On one of the office desks (the one near Akuma's Playplace), find the glowing red knife. Go up to Ichigo and threaten him at knifepoint.

An Error
Go up to the glowing screen Sea Bunny Swim arcade cabinet in the Arcade. Tap/Click on the screen. Play. On the North wall to where you spawn, there is an area with no collision. You can go through, and be teleported to the error screen.

To Make a Clown Cry
Go up to the glowing screen Clown Tower arcade cabinet in the Arcade. Tap/Click on the screen. Play. There's a balloon path floating that leads to a crack in the wall. Follow the path, and go up to the crack. Enter.

Holiday Season
(ONLY OBTAINABLE IN DECEMEBER.) Join the game during December! :)

The Mirror's Door
(ITEMS NEEDED: KEYCARD, CODE, SEEING HAND MIRROR) Go up to the employee's only area using the keycard. Unlock the Higher Ups Only Door using the code. Go to Vomit's Room located on Vomit's left hand side. Find the golden hand mirror with red jewels on it resting on the couch. Click on it. (OPTIONAL: Here you may view a cutscene for the broken mirror above the couch). Go back downstairs and into the vent. Find the second vent way with a prompt on it. Go in. Hold your mirror up to the boarded up door to reveal a prompt. Enter. Enter the door labeled "212" .

Golden Sponge: Cleaning Day
(ITEMS NEEDED: Sponge) Go to the Funhouse, and into the Janitor's Closet on the side of the room. Click the yellow sponge on the shelf. You can ask Scoopy for directions, but you can start cleaning up red spills around not only the entrance of the funhouse, but further into it (the big pitch black doorway at the end of the entrance room.) There's two spills in the entrance room of the Funhouse, and four spills for each of the four rooms in the further funhouse. After you're done, you should get a message saying so, and you can make your way back to Scoopy to return the sponge.
Badge Icon How to Obtain

Welcome, to Hisanda Dream Ruins...
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